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by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "gmt."
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the first round of middle east peace talks bring hope for some and an angry reaction from others. israeli and -- israel and palestine are stepping up the process. a trial that have allegations of child abuse by politicians and many other influential people comes to an end in portugal. hurricane earl begins pounding the eastern seaboard of the united states. the alleged corruption scandal in cricket rose, suggesting that india might be behind it. hard-line palestinian militants in conservative israeli settlers do not like what they're hearing. the first round between -- first round of peace talks between the
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israeli prime minister and the leader in palestine seem to have gone well, making some nervous over the prospect of compromise. they will meet every two weeks to achieve their goals. our washington correspondent has been following negotiations. >> for two hours they spoke alone. all sides agreed that the negotiations could only progress if the details remain private. the initial goal has been made public. the search for what is called the framework for agreement. >> it is not an interim agreement. it is more detailed than a declaration of principles, but is less than a full-fledged treaty. the purpose is to establish the fundamental compromises necessary to enable the parties to flesh out the agreement that
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will end the conflict and establish lasting peace. >> in other words, the broad brushstrokes first, then the detail. this is the detail on the ground right now. they are incensed by the killing of israelis this week they threaten further attacks, involving suicide bombings. this has united the negotiators, all of whom condemned the violence. palestinians said that they would walk away from these talks unless the settlement freeze is extended to the end of the month. >> heavy, dark clouds of settlement hover over our heads. by the 26 of this month, if the
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israeli government does not renew the settlement talks, it will be possible to continue. >> resuming in the middle east in a fortnight, the clock is ticking on the settlement issue. an early, urgent test of the commitment peace. >> let's go live to jerusalem and our correspondent. we are having a look at the headlines and there is still a lot of skepticism about all of this, that it is not much more than political theater. >> i think that there is a bit more credit than that for those involved in the talks. it was largely a theater in washington with details coming later, but behind the smiles and handshakes there have been smiles from both sides and no
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one has called this a farce. of course, the extremists, including the saddler's that have always wanted these talks to fail and are very worried about the militants and their continued actions against u.s. targets. on the other hand, some lawyers are talking about building settlements began across the west bank, but the majority view, certainly the most reasonable view in the hebrew papers and arabic papers in this region seem to give a guard over knowledge that there is a long way to go, the first being in two weeks' time when both sides get down to brass tacks. >> benjamin netanyahu will have to deliver compromise, that is what is required? >> he is strong and relatively popular across the country, the narrative has always been that it would take a strong man to
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make these kinds of compromises. he will not only have to sell it to his own people, but there are detractors on the right and left. it will take someone with a firm tiller. a change of government in israel and a different coalition, we will know in the next months and years if the process continues. on the palestinian side, mahmoud abbas does not speak for all palestinians, there are secular and moderate palestinians even in the west bank's who are upset that he went the talks without securing guarantees. but they have not collapsed and the mood music is relatively good at the minute.
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we should have more details in a few moments' time along with brown rules as to how the talks will proceed. >> live in jerusalem, thank you very much indeed. >> there is still a heavy security presence in the capital of mozambique. seven people were left dead after the food crisis and police opened fire on the protesters. the government said on thursday that the price increase with irreversible. the recent rise in food prices across the world has been discussed at the united nations. there has been growing anger in a number of countries. triggered in large part by the ban on wheat exports in russia after drought and wildfire
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destroyed 1/5 of its crops. very high winds and temperatures up to 40 degrees celsius have fuelled lanes in the southern bolder region, from one city officials said that the ground and tree tops were ablaze. july, more than 50 people were killed in western russia by the worst wildfires in many years. how about this for a traffic jam? 10,000 vehicles stock in a line on the chinese to tibet motorway. it has been described as one big car park. the majority of the vehicles stuck in the gym or coal trucks headed to the capital. >> we are entering a four of this traffic jam 200 kilometers both east of the capital. as you can see behind me, dozens
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of trucks are parked up words and according to some reports, this line could last for up to 100 kilometers. speaking to some of the truck drivers, conditions are tough but they are being well fred -- well fed. they are doing pretty good business here, as you can imagine. most of these trucks are transporting coal from inner mongolia to the rest of china. it is this fuel that has powered the amazing economic growth that china has seen in recent years on what should be one of the country's busiest highways, and now just a car park. >> defense ministers in france have dismissed as unrealistic the idea that their country might start sharing aircraft carriers. they began speaking in paris
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after reports that they might start sharing as part of cost- cutting measures. >> we are very concerned that we focus on what can be delivered so that we can have practical results that can be delivered to our military and that this is used as a confidence-building mechanisms, rather than building up brand, idealistic plans. >> a weak u.s. economic recovery has slumped back into a double- dip recession ahead of a key jobs report due shortly, which could provide more evidence of a deteriorating labor market in the world's biggest economy. july, government cutbacks meant overall that 131,000 jobs were cut from payrolls in august
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could see similar numbers. finally, miami and major-league baseball between the nationals and the marlins. punches were thrown and work tackled by the first baseman. plain for all to see, it of a free-for-all. only three players were actually ejected as a result of all of that. great fun. jonathan? >> that is what i call a game. details that emerged during the trial are horrific as portugal hands down its verdict in a child abuse case. claiming that they were raped by myriad six men and one woman have been accused of this repeated abuse.
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>> charged with raping and abusing children, carlos cruz, former ambassador, and three other men have been on file for nearly six years. they have all been linked to a pedophile ring accused of 800 crimes. after the mother of a boy known as joe will claimed he was abused less staff at a state run children's home. the concept here is a 230 year- old institution that cares for about 4.5000 needy children in portugal. during the trial, 32 alleged victims had gruesome counts of being a break in adults in cars and secluded houses. aged between 16 and 22, almost all of them identified the legend of users by pointing to them across the courtroom.
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a 68-year-old woman is accused of providing a house for the abuse. a former driver there has confessed to more than 600 crimes. the 53-year-old has also incriminated the other defendants. he lived at the home as a child and claims that he was also abused their years ago. all six defendants have denied the charges, saying that their lives had been ruined by the allegations, but if convicted they could be jailed for up to 25 years. >> still to come, they could be there for months, the trapped miners in chile settle in for a long way. we take a look at the efforts to get them out. stay with us. there is exactly one month left between rigid before the commonwealth games and there is concern that dudley will not be
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ready in time. marred by allegations of corruption, a late monsoon has added to the city's woes. >> this is the indoor stadium, the main venue for boxing, and india has a proud track record in the sport. the stadium is almost complete. here, this is where the officials are seated, looking upstairs you can see the workers perched above, just making last- minute changes and adjustments. down here is the main giant electronics for more, which still has to be completed and lifted further up. down here on track level you can
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see low traffic -- low plastic sheeting. once you go outside is when you realize the magnitude of the problem. there is still a lot of debris left outside, construction material to be cleared. workers making last-minute adjustments with a number of different services and caught implants put in place, beautification taking place across the stadium. one month left until the game, everyone thinks it will be completed. >> the team of divers says that they have found the world's oldest drinkable be your, they also claim to have discovered the world's oldest champagne and reported to be pretty well preserved. our main stories so far this
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hour, a mixed reaction to the talks between israeli and palestinian leaders. it portuguese court is beginning its verdict after a six year sex abuse trial involving children. hurricane earl is giving part of the american eastern seaboard a battering, the coast of north carolina is being battered by heavy winds and rain, downgraded to a category 2 storm but still packing it punch. they could deliver a blow all the way from north carolina to massachusetts. >> bigger than the u.s. state of california, powering ever closer to shore. hurricane earl might be weakening, but the danger is not over yet. thousands of people had been evacuated from coast line areas. even as the way to grow bigger, some insist on staying within sight of their homes and businesses. >> i am sticking around, we
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have 500 homes to take care of today. >> others are believed to be out of the path of the hurricane. >> it is a serious hurricane that can get dangerous in a hurry. >> tempting, authorities have told everyone to stay out of the ocean, even the surfers. president barack obama has the flavor -- declared an emergency in the state of carolina and storm warnings are in place as far north as canada. hurricanes are notoriously unpredictable. all they can do now is wait and hope. >> our bbc whether presenter gave us an update on where the hurricane is headed. >> yesterday we were talking about a massive category four, 145 miles per hour. since then it has been downgraded and there are signs that it is weakening further.
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hurricanes often start off across the west coast of africa and tend to spin towards the caribbean and the east coast of the united states. this is the one we are looking at. if you look at the front line picture, you concede that it has lost its eye, becoming much less organized as a hurricane, with the wind looking like it will get lighter. the guy of the store looks like it will stay out to sea, so the worst of the wind will be staying out to say -- out to sea as well. what are we looking at at the moment? currently packing winds of of 100 miles per hour or so, gusting up to 125 miles per hour, as well as a high wind shear environment. following hot on their heels,
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other areas leaving the west coast of africa after a quiet start to the seizing with things popping up in the tropics. >> trapped underground for longer than anyone else on record, still a long way to go, they will be able to see their families receiving slowly, and the operation has already hit one geological fault already. john, how difficult a task is it to get to these men? >> 700 meters is not a big deal, but this is a desperate situation and it is not being done in the ideal way.
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bringing it back up, they cannot do this. the first one will be roughly 400 millimeters in diameter. the major hole will be three- quarters of a meter. they tried to drill the first one, normally to try to bring the reaming head back out. but they could not get it there, so they have to take it down. the other major concern is deviation. it is very easy for these to go off. monitoring that and keeping it as straight as possible, as he said, they have already hit a fault and that kind of thing can put them offline. >> after that you have to start in a different direction? >> no, you just go through it more slowly, but she should not have to move around it, is just
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the question of slowing down the process. >> is the just the mining engineers, they are getting low will help? >> i think that a lot of people said that there were other places but i was in touch with manufacturers, these are south african companies in charge of this, amongst the best in the world. whether these names would mean anything to the men under brown, i do not know, but i was told that with the companies involved -- " >> has anything like this been tried before? >> the longest was 74 meters. that was in america. and that was probably softer rock, this is much harder of rock.
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there are questions about this mine and unknowns about the stability. we know that there has been a collapse already. >> john chadwick, thank you very much. the latest cricket dispute is a warning to the current diplomatic. pakistan and india, in the past hour the governing body of cricket has said that it strongly believes that the trio has a case for answering. >> the intervention was on called for, as when an inquiry was pending against british forces, icc had no authority to intervene at this joker. they could not take action against them while the inquiry
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was pending. after that they could take any action this way or that way, and an apology would have to be tendered. they will be guilty without being punished and whatever they want to do after that has to come after the inquiry is completed. >> what have they been saying? having this meeting and giving this news conference over the past hour, trying to explain the decision. >> basically, ronald flanagan, appointed in july as the head of the cricket and high-brought to new that, saying that the players have a strong case to answer charged under article 1.2 2.12, without explaining the
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evidence against the players or the charges against the players. the pakistan border refused to suspend them. as far as the players themselves, they made their own request to be relieved of duties and they would not reveal the details of what had been reported in some of the papers, that some of the money handed over to the fixer and it inevitably to the players had been found. they were speaking more generally about corruption in the game. >> what else of the going to say? >> exactly. they opened the news conference by saying that the top priority was to protect the integrity of cricket, which was clearly the case, but i feel that they should have given at least a few more details of what was going on. but there was the fact that there was a criminal investigation going on.
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an 18-year-old man, coming from a small village, not the most highly educated man, he has been caught up in this thing. killed and a police station in north london, he has not been arrested. the three players have not been arrested but clearly they have gone through tough questioning in the investigation continues. the next question, are there actually criminal charges to be brought against them? one of the players did not want to answer, but the chief executive of the cricket board said that in these cases where newspapers are involved it is difficult to bring criminal charges. a civil case was more likely. but at the end of the day did not seem that they had broken any british laws. in this country you cannot actually place that's on a ball
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be no ball. the place a bet on a fall be no ball. -- place a bet on a bold being a no ball. >> it would not have moved without the indian pressure? >> they are trying to attract attention. there is no doubt that india is the main center of the legal betting on cricket and certain names have been mentioned a bookmaker's. just the fact that india is at the center of all of this, what they said was that the fixtures were looking at indian bookmakers, but that is his opinion. >> thank you, more still to come right here on "bbc world news." stay with us. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports.
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>> tang: we're here at jungle rough in chiang mai. today i'm going to take you

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